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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  November 12, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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to communicate with a minor while at the white house. also breaking at this hour, at least ten reported or the nay doles now. a major storm system in the middle of the country, and moving east, knocking out power lines, bursting into flames. 80 mile per houn winds. cars flipped. rob marciano standing by. >> a reward tonight after a young pastor's popular wife is murdered. the manhunt right now. diane sauliers here tonight, with jennifer lawrence. the actress taking a stand. why so many men and women now are standining wit her. and america strong.. our interviewith the army captain who did the unthinkable. and today, given the medal of honor. good evening. and we begin tonight with the breaking news. the secret service officer who worked at the white house, under arrest amid stunning accusations. that officer is accused of sending inappropriate messages
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he thought was an under age girl, 14-year-old years old. authorities say instead it was an untsdzdercover officer. abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas leading us off. >> reporter: the uniformed secret service officer assigned to the white house is charged with sending a naked picture of himself to what he thought was a 14-year-old girl. but officer lee robert moore was actually communicating online with an undercover delaware state police detective. in state charges revealed today, moore is accused of sending explicit messages and of trying to arrange a meeting for a sexual encounter wita minor. he was also asking for compromising pictures of a child. some of the sordid communication, which occurred over a piod of weeks, actually took place whi moore was on duty, working at the white house. the allegations sent shock waves through an agency already trying to overcome scandals ranging soliticing prostitutes to a fence jumper getting inside the white house. >> and pierre thomas with us now
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live from our washington bureau. and pierre, you've learned new they arrested him? >> reporter: david, p prosecuto claim when confronted, moore waved his miranda rights and interview. they say he admitted to the communications and disturbingly, david, prosecutors claim he acknowledged engaging inn online sexual encounters with other female teenagers. >> pierre thomas, thank you. and one more breaking headline out of washington. late word, as we come on the air tonight, that defense secretary ash carter unexpectedly removed a member of his inner circle. lieutenant general ron lewis. it comes after allegations of mits conduct. lewis is a west point grad, and iraq. anan investition is now under way. we turn this evening to the hour. ten reported tornadoes in just 24 hours, and winds reaching 80 miles per hour. power lines bursting into flames. the system, slow-moving but headed east. a big rig sliding off highway 14
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in knoxknoxville, iowa. some of the power lines exploding outside oklahoma city. several power outages. in an airport in des moines, equipment blowing across the tarmac. the system slamming the midwest, the heartland and moving east. meteorologist rob marciano along lake michigan for us. >> reporter: tonight, that powerful storm's howling winds battering is great lakes. it's been a poundingf ocean-like waves hammering the eastern shores of lake michigan. power knocked out for thousands. kendra in benton harbor, in the dark for over ten hours. >> and it has been like this since last night? >> reporter: gusts across the region topping 5 0 miles an hour. it's the same system that raked the middle of the country. 70 70-mile-per-hour winds causing this power lines to crash. with straight-line winds, lightning and blinding rain, and at least ten reported tornadoes,
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tore through the tiny town of knoxville. and in the last 24 hours, hundreds of flights delayed or cancelled across the region. straight line gusts at des moines airport sent this staircase careening into a plane. >> and rob marciano is with us now on t eastern shore of a very choppy lake michigan behind him. and rob, this is going to be hammering on that part of the country before it moves? >> reporter: yeah, it's shaping up to another another rough night on the east side of the lake. unbelievable scene behind me. the waves will continue to crash onhis shoreline. the winds will continue to howl. the low drifting into canada, but not quick enough. we're going to see snow, as well. maybe a half foot of snow across the u.p. of michigan.. the winds will be the bigger story. another day of 30-plus 30-plus-mile-an-hour winds through chicago to detroit and getting into the northeheast. you're going to feel a piec as well. 25, 30-mile-an-hour gusts there and a chunk of this cold air coming your way by the weekend. david? >> all right, rob marciano with us there tonight. rob, thank you. in the meantime, we turn now to the race for 2016, and to the new headline involving donaldd
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words about the campus protests across this country. protests brought on amid growing racial tensions. tonight, what trump is now saying about the student protester, calling some of the protests disgusting. abc's jonathan karl on the campaign trail. >> reporter: tonight, donald trump is weighing in with explosive words on those protests over racial inequality at the university of missouri, calling the protests "disgusting," and the school's president and chancellor, quote, "weak"or stepping down. >> i think it's disgusting. i think the two people that resigned are weak, ineffective people. i think when they resigned, they set something in motion that's going to be a disaster for the next long period of time. >> it is our duty to fight for our freedom!m! >>eporter: the protests over alleged racial incidents escalated this week when the entire college team joined the protests and refused to play. students are demanding more black faculty and staff and more money for campus-wide diversity programs. >> trump should have been the chancellor of that university.
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believe me, there would have been no resignation. did you look at their demands? their demands are like crazy. >> reporter: similar protests spread natitionwide to other college campuses. yale protesters shoung down a professor. >> if that's what you think about being a professor, you should step down. >> reporter: ben carson called the protests there infantile. >> we're being a little bit too tolerant, i guess you might say, accepting infantile behavior. i don't care which side it comes from. >> and jon karl with us now live fromhe white house. tonight, jeb bush taking a very different position from trump? >> reporter: that's right. a short while ago, jeb bush said that the students at the university of missouri had legitimate concerns about racial incidents on campus and that the president of the university may have missed an opportunity to heal the wounds and to make it clear that that school had no tolerance for raracism. david? >> jon karl with us again tonight. jon, as always, thank you.
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doubling down on his stance on immigration, saying 11 million undocumented mihm grantimmigrants should be sent home. and now, president obama weighing in in an exclusive interview with abc's george stephanopoulos. the president saying he would have. here is what trump said at the debate. >> we have a country of laws. going to have to go out and they'll come back, but they're going to have to go out, and hopefully, they get back. but we have no choice if we're going to run our country properly and if we're going to be a country. >> meantime, george asking the president todaybout trump's planan. re's whahe said. >> donald trump is speaking about history. he wants to bring back operation eisenhower, and deportation force. what would that mean? >> well, i think the name of the operation tells you something backwards. imagine the images on the screen flashed around the world also we
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were dragging parents away from their children. and putting them in, what, detention cenenters and then sending them out. nobody thinks that that is realistic, but more importantly, that's not who we are as americans. >> much more of george's exclusive interview with presesident obama first thing tomorrow morning on "good morning america." and the entire interview sday on abc's "this week." to beirut now. the death toll rising after two deadly suicide bombings. at least 43 people killed, more than 200 wounded. isis now claiming responsibility tonight. the coordinated attack carried out in a residenal area during rush hour in a hezbollah stronghold. and to iraq tonight. american forces taking part in a major offensive against isis. douzens of u.s.-led air strikes supporting kurtd inging kurdish fighters. american special operations forces helping identify targets.
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a vital isis supply route. we have breaking news now in that case of a care for thatt aircraft right here in new york. a laser flashed at a news helicopter. the come pill filled with green light. tonight, two suspects now under arrest. and this comes id a flurry of those close calls. 20 aircrafts hit with lasers in just the past 24 hours from new york to dallas, california to florida. abc's linsey davis on the investigation tonight. >> iwe have a vehicle that is shining a green laserer at us. >> reporter: the dangerous laser strike aiming straight at a news chopper. abc's new york station wabc calling authorities wednesday night. >> are you able to zoom in and get that plate? >> yeah, we're going to try to do that now. >> just filled the whole c cockpit with green light. which, again, is dangerous, because you don't want any bright lights. >> reporter: the chopper, which was flying near newark's liberty aiort, videotaped the entire incident, as police rushed to the scene. >> yeah, we still have eyes on him. the car's going to be parked
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there. they're walking away. >> reporter: the 26-year-old man arrested and could now face federal charges. a second man was also arrested last night in brooklyn for laser strikes spotted by another news chopper. we have a light shining on you right now. is the laser brighter than that? times. >> yeah. >> reporter: it is a federal and the penalty? up to 20 years in prison. million dollar fine. david? >> all right, linsey, thank you. we turn this evening to a mystery in the heartland now. th is a manhunt under way in indianapolis tonight, and a rerd now being offered after a pastor's pregnant fe, a young mother, was shot dead inside their home while her husband was away. her young son, right there in is the home. here's abc's gio benitez. >> reporter: tonight, police are on the hunt for a mystery gunman whthey say broke into a young couple's home and shot pregnant mother amanda blackburn in the head. she was just 28.
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>> that's when i knew that i had met the girl that i was going to marry. >> r reporter: a local pastor, davey blackburn, seen here on youtube videos with his now deceased wife. the two seemed inseparable. but police say when the husband left the house to go to the gym tuesday mornining, he returned to find his house broken into, his wife on the ground. he called 911. amanda blackburn rushed to the hospital, placed on life support, but died from a gunshot wound to the head. leaving behind a little 1-year-old boy who was reportedly right there in the house. >> aymanmamanda was a beautiful person in and out. they had such a happy family. >> reporter: and dave, police say just hours before that murderhere was another home invasion in that same area. police also n now telng us, just moments ago, they areollowing several leads. no family member is a suspect. david? >> all right, just a horrible story tonight. gio, thank you.
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e turn next to the economy here, and to a big change whe it comes to black friday here in america. tonight, the nation's largest retailer essentially redefining what black friday means. what you will now be able to get online, the day before, on thanksgiving at 12:01 a.m. abc's chief business correspondent rebeckkcca jarvis tonight. >> reporter: you no longer have to endure this to walk away with this. >> we got a tv! >> reporter: tonight, walmart announcing that for the first time ever, most of those famous black friday doorbusters will be available online at starting this year at 12:01 a.m. pacific time, thanksgiving morning. and for those who prefer a more hands on shopping experience, the main event kicks off inside walmart stores at 6:00 p.m. on thanksgiving. the world's largest retailer promising there will be plenty of the most popular products. deals including this 40-inch hd
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an ipad air 2 for $100 off. and toys like this star wars light saber for five bucks. and walmart isn't alone. target launching ten days of black friday starting the sunday before thanksgigiving. best buy already has eight black friday deals on sale now. david, as they have in years past, walmart will be handing out wristbands for the most in demand products. so, as long as you have one of these, you get the doorbuster. david? >> all right, r rebecca jarvis tonight, thank you. up next here, diane sawyer is here tonight. the young actress taking a stand on fair pay. diane and fellow kentucky native jennifer lawrence tonight. their kentucky roots and why women and many men now are standing by jennifer lawrence tonight. diane's next. also tonight, terrifying moments on board this plane. look at it here. ththe wind a then problems with the nose gear. and america strong tonight. our interview with this army captain, who did the unthinkable. and today, received the medal of honor. you will not forget his story,
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next tonight here, diane sawyer is back, her eye-opening interview with another kentucky native, jennifer lawrence. the young actress now making headlines for challenging hollywood's pay gap. the sony hacking scandal revealing she was being paid much less than her male costars. so, tonight, she's taking a stand, not just for women in hollywood, but for women everywhere. and diane is back with us tonight, love when you're back. >> it's great to see you. and maybe it's her fighting kentucky spirit, but it was amazed that at the age of 25, jen fur lawrenc is leading a change for change. jennifer lawrence, young, irreverent, and a hollywood power hous the final episo of "theunger games: mocking jay part 2" is about to arrive. she is katniss, the embodiment of strength in the face of fear. and offscreen, lawrence herself has been making ne. in a kind of warrior challenge, all her own. when hacked e-mails about her movie "american hustle" revealed
5:47 pm
that she was paid less than her malele costars, she wrote about it, saying, if she we honest with herself, it was partly because she had fallen into a trap women face, not wanting to seem difficult or spoiled. while men don't have to care. >> i felt like i had to say something because we need t to talk about it. on average, women are paid 21% less than men. we can ask for the same thing that men do and we do face the reality thahat we do get judged more. >> reporter: now, several of her costars are speaking out for her. adding to the chorus of voices speaking for women everywhere. >> i would just hope that there's no longer a separation, oh, it's a female-driven movie. point down a little. >> reporter: we spent the day together. >> your form is just horble. >> reporter: we are two kentucky girls, born 45 years apart, eating hometown barbecue in my kitchen.
5:48 pm
she took me to new york's union square, where ten years ago, she was the new kid in town, when a photographer wanted to take her picture and she said okay, but she wanted more. i'm only going to sign with a modeling agency if they let me act, which came out of nowhere. >> reporter: you were already making demands? >> i was already negotiating. >> reporter: a young woman who is already leaving a legacy, as a girl who awakened a tiny generation of fan, showing then what it's like when you believe in yourself. and the last of the hunger games on november 20th. >> i love how she called you out there. how is your shot now? >> i think my form was perfect. i did hit the wall. for what it's worth. >> diane is muchhas much more of the interview coming up tonight on "nightline." diane, great to see you. >> you, too. >> it when we come back here tonight, big news of many of the thanksgiving tururkeys wit just two weeks to go. the frightening moments on board this plane. the pilot struggling with two problems at once.
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to the index of other news tonight and a white-knuckle landing in england. the passenger plane struggling to reach the runway. the pilot reported steering failure in the nose gear while fighting strong cross winds at the same time. the plane appearing to land almost sideways there. bouncing down on the tarmac. two weeks tooo until thanksgiving and tonight, word that turkey might cost you more, a rise of up to 20 cents per pound this year after the avian flu wed out some turkeys. economists say the sides, yams, stuffing, all holding steady.
5:53 pm
tonight about that iconic beatles song "help." i need somebody help >> paul mccartney saying that john lennon said himself that he was struggleing and depressed at the time, adding that lennon's quote, whole life, was a cry for help. when we come back here, our interview with this american hero tonight. whate did when he noticed the man with the vest and the trigger standing right in front of him. the medal of honor today, coming up. this is claira. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for her she's agreed to give it up. that's today? we'll be with her all day to see how it goes after the deliveries, i was ok. now the ciabatta is done and the pain is starting again. more pills? seriously? seriously. all these stops to take more pills can be a pain. can i get my aleve back? for my pain, i want my aleve.
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own words tonight in the moment-realized a suicide bomber was walking towards him and his team. >> my team of six were protecting our commander. >> reporter: army ctain florent groberg in ghanistan. the entire team suddenly sensing something was wrong. >> we were targeted by two suicide bombers. a man came out of a building, walking babackwards. which was eerie. >> rorter: he realizes the man is wearing a vest. >> i pushed him as hard as i could and i wanted, i just wanted to get him as far as way from my guys as possible. and he had a dead man's trigger. >> reporter: groberg tackled him. it tore through his leg and killed four members of his team. but because heackled him, it kepthe bomber from reaching them all and killing many more. but to this day, he asks, why did i live? >> i think emotionally, we all had to deal with this. we all had our demons, you know,
5:58 pm
why me? why did i live? the way you deal with it is, you find a way to be a better person and live your life for these individuals. >> reporter: and today,y, the president presenting him with the medal of honor. and when he turns, the applause for an army captain who went above and d beyond. the medal of honor in washington. thank you for watching here on a thsdaybrad/wx wall i would like to say our weather has calmed down from wednesday, but that is really not the case with these strong wind in the wake of our tornado producing system. that powerful november storm has produced winds in excess of 50 mph in most areas thursday, and while they will drop off a bit tonight and tomorrow they are not going away
5:59 pm
friday. we will see our temps drop into the 30s jack/2shot: good evening and welcome to local 5 news, home of we are iowa dot com. i'm jack miller. stephanie/2shot: and i'm stephanie angleson. stephanie/2shot today -- 210 people got the chance to make their voices heard on the proposed bakken pipeline. if approved, the pipeline would cut across iowa...carrying crude oil from north dakota to illinois. today the iowa utilities board held a hearing in boone. the meeting went on alday today and the speakers were split evenly between those for the project and those against it... stephanie: local 5's amanda krenz was there all day and joins us live in boone with more. amanda? amanda/tvu the hearing just wrapped up. more than 200 people spoke to the iub. many of them construction workers who really want some pipeline work.
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